Family insurance cover: Insure your family for free

As a family friendly insurance company, we want to extend our health insurance cover and benefits to your whole family. According to German legislation, the following family members can be insured for free:

  • Children up to their 23rd birthday, provided they are not gainfully employed
  • Children up to their 25th birthday, if they are still at school or in higher education
  • Spouses or registered civil partners with an income below €505
  • Spouses or registered civil partners in minor employment, earning up to €538

Co-insure your family members on this application form.

The €505 or €538 minor employment income limit also applies to insured children. If your child is thinking of getting a job and you would like to know if they can still be included on your family insurance, please just geht in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Is one of the child's parents privately insured? We can also advise here whether your child can be part of your family insurance. Just give us a call on 0800 / 724 7020.