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We're glad you found us. Our mission is to help keep you and your whole family healthy!

We provide specialist healthcare during pregnancy and for childbirth. Our services are there to keep your little ones healthy and safe with each step they take.

As they start to fly the nest, we will still be looking out for them. Whether they’re at school, doing an apprenticeship, studying or getting their first job.

Even if you’re not as young as you feel, getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself. With our health plans, you’ll have all the services you need to help you stay active and keep your zest for life.

We offer support, special offers, help and advise to guide you all the way through to the golden years.

Services and benefits

Our excellent customer service and outstanding health insurance cover are renowned in Germany. Customers put their trust in us to advise them on an individual basis.

At BKK Pfalz, we focus on providing a high-quality service.  Our customer service guarantee is there to ensure that you have a good experience when talking to our advisors, and to ensure that we process your requests quickly.

Got any questions about our health insurance? Call our freephone: 0800 / 133 33 00

International customer service

At BKK Pfalz, our customer service team has an international feel. We are proud to have such a diverse group of nationalities working for us, each able to advise customers in German and their own mother tongue.

Find out more about our international customer service.

Family insurance Cover: Insure your family for free

Did you know that with current legislation you can also insure your family with us for free? Legal provisions make this possible. Find out more about our free family insurance.

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Our Highlights for you

We have summarized the most important benefits and services from A to Z for you here so that you know what to expect from us.


We are here for you. Whether you want to talk to us in person, by phone or on Skype, you will find all our contact details at a glance.

Social Security in Germany: An Excellent System

Germany has a high-level system of healthcare. The statutory health insurance companies insure more than 90 percent of the population. Read more about social security in Germany.


Your contributions to social security are generally dependent on your income. If it drops, you will pay less. If your income increases, so will the amount of your contributions — but only up to an agreed limit. Social security contributions at a glance.


  • BKK Pfalz health reward: We offer a simple 20 euros payment for each action taken appropriate to age. For adults and juniors!

  • Preventative programmes: Including annual entitlements of up to €300  — also available for family members on your policy.

  • Professional teeth cleaning: Annual entitlement of 50 euros for proessionel teeth cleaning at a dentist of your choice.
  • Vaccination costs: We will pay a maximum amount of 150 Euro a year. This also applies to vaccinations for your holidays abroad.
  • AktivPLUS health fitness holidays: Annual entitlement of up to €150 per year — also available for family members on your policy.
  • Homeopathy on your health smart card.