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Traditional Chinese medicine has proven to be very effective. We will pay for acupuncture treatment for chronic knee and back problems, if carried out by our approved doctors.

AktivPLUS Health and fitness holidays

Tailor-made health programmes in the most beautiful holiday regions of Germany. Your annual entitlement is up to150 euros and can also be used by other family members insured with you.

Anna explains

Our services for you — individually tailored, in digital dialogue.


BabyCare and Hallo Baby

Premium healthcare in pregnancy — many additional services for expectant mothers.

Baby of your dreams

From dreaming of a baby to the baby of your dreams: preventative healthcare and assisted reproduction.


Care in the later Years

We provide help and support in day-to-day care — for patients and their families.

Care at home

In addition to statutory, therapeutic care from qualified nurses, we provide you with general care and domestic help for up to 26 weeks.

Children in hospital

If your child is hospitalised, we will pay for his/her guardian (parent, relative or an individual of choice) to stay with them overnight. We pay a maximum of 45 euros per day for room costs directly to the hospital. If your child is under the age of seven, no application is necessary.

Convalescent care and rehabilitation

We pay up to 13 euros per day for accomodation and meals during convalescent care. We also grant a daily allowance of 21 euros for convalescent care for chronically ill children.

Customer magazine

Every quarter you receive a free copy of our customer magazine, which is always jam-packed with the latest health information, healthy lifestyle suggestions as well as leisure tips and trends.



Frequent fatigue, listlessness or sadness can be symptoms of depression. If you ever feel like this, our first approach is to offer a self-test and online support, both of which are completely anonymous.

Digital office

Upload sick notes, documents, invoices, etc. from the comfort of your own home and receive mail digitally, maintain an overview of all processes and more — also as an app.

Digital advice assistant on all care services

In digital dialogue, adapted to the indivual situation.

Disease management programme (DMP)

BKK MedPlus treatment programmes are special healthcare packages that ensure chronically ill patients receive the best possible treatment. These disease management programmes are tailored according to the patient’s health at the time.

Doc around the clock

Qualified healthcare professionals are here for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (in German). Get answers to all of your medical questions no matter what the time.

Helpline for medical and medicine queries: 0800 / 589 11 57

Helpline for family medical queries: 0800 / 664 95 77

Domestic help

If you are no longer able to manage in your own home because of illness, we offer you help with cooking and household chores. This applies even if you don't have a child under the age of 12 living with you or if you already have care at home.



Our coaches are available online to help you with a variety of different topics, from nutrition to heart health, children's health and running.


Family insurance cover

we are happy to welcome other members of your family who we will be pleased — wherever legally possible — to insure at no extra cost.  More information can be found here.

FamilyPLUS health and preventative care scheme

We are always by your side — from the first ultrasound of your pregnancy all the way through to your later years. Our newsletter gives you all the information you need just at the right time.

Finding a doctor

If there is no doctor near you, we will help you to find one and make you an appointment.

Free dentures

We provide routine dental care including dentures free of charge at participating dentists.


GrowingHealthy and StayingHealthy

Every year, we reward your commitment to your health with attractive cash bonuses of €20 per measure or activity undertaken, for adults and juniors. Join in!


Health care at your GP surgery

You can opt to receive your healthcare at your GP surgery. This means that your GP will oversee all stages of your treatment to avoid repeating examinations, having multiple prescriptions or incorrect medication.

Health finder

Are you about to receive treatment or are you scheduled for surgery? Perhaps you are looking for a suitable doctor. Or perhaps you need help choosing a nursing service. Our online health finder is there to answer your questions at any time of the day or night.


Homeopathy consultations, patient history taking (during the first and subsequent appointment), homeopathic analysis and remedy selection are all free of charge. To make sure you are not charged for this service, you must go to a homeopath who is part of our homeopathy scheme.


Our expert care representatives are on hand to offer you help and advice. We provide optimal care, improved outpatient aftercare and smooth transition to rehabilitation.



Let's have a baby

From dreaming of a baby to the baby of your dreams: preventative healthcare and assisted reproduction.


Meningococcal B

We cover the vaccination costs.



Keep up to date on healthcare issues and the latest in social security (in German).

Neurodermitis App Nia

Digital help in everyday life, for children and adults.


Online coaches

On exercise heart, sleep, nutrition, child health and care.


We subsidise your treatments with up to 120 euros per year.


Patient file

With the electronic patient record (ePA) you can actively and autonomously manage your health data and gain an insight into the billing of doctor's visits or medication prescriptions.

Patient receipt

Have you ever wanted to know how much BKK Pfalz pays your doctor or the hospital after your treatment? Have you ever wondered how much the pharmacy gets for your medication? Just ask us  for your personal patient receipt to see the cost overview.

Preventive healthcare

Your health insurance covers all the important check-ups you and your family need to stay fit and healthy.

Preventative healthcare schemes

Your health insurance entitles your to up to 300 euros a year for preventative healthcare schemes, such as back therapy and training, aquajogging, hiking for health or nutritional counseling courses.

Professional teeth cleaning

Annueal entitlement of 50 euros for professional teeth cleaning by a dentist of your choice.


Second opinion for spinal and joint operations

Operations are often recommended for spinal and joint conditions. But we realise these are not procedures anyone takes lightly. This is why we offer a free second opinion service, which lets you consult another medical professional to see if there are any alternatives.

Sick pay

If your health insurance covers sick pay, we support you financially should you be unable to work for an extended period of time.

Stroke prevention

Keep an eye on your heart rhythm via smartphone.

Strong Kids

Premium preventative healthcare for your offspring.





You can apply for your health insurance to cover you for all vaccinations recommended by the Vaccine Committee of the Robert Koch Institute up to a value of 150 euros. This also applies to any vaccinations for private holidays as long as these are recommended by the German Federal Foreign Office.



A BKK Pfalz initiative for preventative healthcare in the open air with a range of services at www.wanderfit.de


Yearly allowance

Each year you can benefit from over 3,500 euros worth of our best services.